September 15, 2014

Mind Restraint

After what seems like a hundred delays, and several years of no output, here is the latest offering from Boston's Step Forward.  Comprised of the usual suspects this is some raging hardcore with influences from the old Boston and NY scenes.  Truthfully, if you aren't familiar with this band's sound at this point you're probably not interested in them.  I was able to get the limited clear variant when Painkiller put up orders for this 7".  As expected, this is top notch stuff.

When Painkiller put this EP up for order they also put up their press of the newest Violent Reaction EP, "Dead End."  Since I already posted about this EP twice I didn't think it needed its own post.  However I will mention that this cover/art/layout is my favorite of the three.  I also scored a(n ugly) color copy of this.  I wish mine looked more like Sean's over at Skull Fucked.  Oh well, at least it's a color copy.

1 comment:

  1. Your VxR sleeve is slightly different to mine- the backside has that crescent section removed on the opening side. Mine's just flat.