August 30, 2014

Paint Huffer

Debut LP from WA's White Wards, titled "Cigarette Burns."   Iron Lung Records.  Noisy hardcore punk that is typical of ILR.  White Wards isn't too different sound wise from WA's Gag but that's to be expected when they share (at least one) member.  However, where Gag often employs some more hardcore-esque stompy parts, White Wards goes for the more noisy punk approach.  Anyway, this is a solid first LP from White Wards and I'll be interested to hear more material when it drops.

Good packaging as to be expected from Iron Lung, including a zine-like lyric booklet instead of a standard lyric sheet.  My copy is on WHITE vinyl.

August 29, 2014

Always A Slave

I was initially turned on to Byron Bay's (of Australia) Shackl∑s by Sean over at Skull Fucked after he sent me a copy of their "Dissolve to Nothing" EP a few years back.  I haven't kept up with the band as much as I would have liked to since then but was able to pick up a copy of their debut long player "Forced to Regress" released on Resist Records.  I read somewhere that this opaque blue color was the limited variant but I was able to snag it from Deathwish, so I'm wondering if that's actually true.  Regardless, this is a killer LP.  If you can't tell by the album art, this band has a sound that is very rooted in powerviolence, however they bring a metallic edge to it.  It's kind of refreshing to hear a pv band in 2013/2014 that doesn't sound like Crossed Out.  Check this band out if you're at all interested in metallic hardcore/powerviolence/etc.

August 22, 2014

Hellish Grave

Skinfather from CA is a band that I've shared my admiration for on this blog in the past.  Having released the band's demo on my short-lived tape label (that I might decide to start back up at some point), this is the band's debut LP, "None Will Mourn."  With the departure of the band's original vocalist Kurt, I can't say I wasn't at least a little worried with how this record would hold up to their previous material.  That apprehension can be thrown out the window with the addition of Stephen (of Creatures) on vocals.  The band's sound is even further removed from hardcore than on previous releases, and they're now pretty much a straight up Swedish death metal band, with Dismember still being the biggest influence here (to my ears).  Released on Todd Jones' Streetcleaner Records.  Awesome debut full length.

August 13, 2014

Not My Generation

I somehow didn't post about this LP the year it was released, but it did make my end of year list.  I recently upgraded my black copy to this white version so I figured now was an appropriate time to (finally) post about it.  'The Last Pagans' LP from Norwegian heavyweights Shipwrecked is a straight up bruiser of a record.  This band started out doing the Boston revival sound before many of the bigger bands currently playing this style but didn't release their first LP until 2012.  Put out by Crucial Response in Germany, there are still color copies available if you're willing to pay the steep shipping charges.  If you haven't heard this record yet I'd recommend getting your hands on it any way you can as it's bound to be a classic.

August 10, 2014

Regain and Conquer

Subject to more hype than any other punk/hardcore release I've seen this year, here is the debut LP from Boston's Battle Ruins.  For those not in the know this band plays an oi!/metal mix that is pretty original sounding (to my ears).  For as good as most of these songs are I'm not sure I think it deserves the level of hype surrounding it.  Don't get me wrong, I definitely do like this record and the songs are very good.  I just mean, the limited clear variant sold out in like a minute and that's kind of insane.  Then again it's bound to be sought after when the entire first pressing is only 500 copies - 400 on black and 100 on clear with this special cover.  Rock n' Roll Disgrace announced a second press of 500 more copies on red before even shipping the first pressing out to those who ordered.  At this point I'm blabbering on and on.  The only bummer about my copy is that the clear version was to come with a poster which mine is missing.  I did email the label and they said they'd send one out to me, let's just hope it doesn't take as long to arrive as the LP did.

August 5, 2014

Red Contrast of Sin

Cross another long time want off my list.  This is a red vinyl copy of Integrity's first EP 'In Contrast of Sin,' on Victory Records.  The last few copies of this I watched on eBay ended either close to $200 or slightly over that mark.  Recently a seller with basically zero feedback had this, a black copy of this 7", Dark Empire press of this 7", a copy of 'Systems Overload' on clear, and a first press of the Mayday split in a lot up and I finally decided to pull the trigger.  I only needed/wanted this red copy and had planned to sell the others so I threw a pretty large bid on the lot, and was ecstatic when it barely went over the $100 mark.  After a few hiccups with shipping (I was starting to get worried after a while - maybe other people were smarter than me for not bidding on this when the seller was new?) these finally showed up at my door and I was beyond stoked.  I'm still in the middle of selling the other records that came in this lot but once that is said and done I will be breaking just about even - it's like I got this 7" for $15.  ONE LIFE DRUG FREE.

August 3, 2014

LP of the Year?

Here's a post for what may end up being the LP of the year for me.  The first long player from Boston's The Combat Zone.  Released on the always reliable Side Two Recoirds, this is the limited clear version of 100 copies.  After a very solid demo a while back (that I apparently never posted about) this LP is straight up Fast Boston hardcore greatness in the vein of Jerry's Kids or early Gang Green.  Not much else to say other than GET THIS NOW.  I love the layout of the insert too.