August 29, 2013

Wast of Space

Here is the first recording from Chicago's Worn Out.  This is the band's demo that was originally a tape release, but was pressed to vinyl by the always excellent Diseased Audio.  What you get here is grindcore that is heavy on the punk influence.  This is definitely my favorite style of grind, and this band knows how to play it.  VERY solid first release, hope to hear more from them soon.  I highly suggest snagging this if you're interested in this type of grind at all, I think it's almost OOP.  I love the look of the sleeve on the recycled cardboard too.  Top notch.

All copies were pressed on clear vinyl, limited to 300.  I did have a picture of the insert that I thought looked good, but when I transferred it to my PC it looked terrible.  Too lazy to take another.

August 27, 2013

The Edge Has Gone Dull

No real need for an introduction here.  This is the Chain of Strength LP, 'The One Thing That Still Holds True,' released on Rev that compiles the band's two EP's.  This is the 'final press' which we all know now to not be the case (as it seems with many Rev releases.)  A lot of people consider this band the west coast's answer to Youth of Today, and while I can agree in some regard, they have a bit more of a melodic tendency than YOT.  Since the band's recent reformation, I'm wondering if this record would go for a good bit on the 'bay right now?  The edge has gone dull for the members of this band.

Gray vinyl for the final press, limited to 440 copies.

August 26, 2013

Not For Sale

Here is the sole EP, 'Patriot,' from an extremely underrated band out of Chicago, Cold Shoulder.  Straight edge hardcore influenced by the 80's DC scene, this is some killer stuff.  Released on Cowabunga Records, this color is referred to as 'Tiger Coffee' and is limited to just 4 copies (that's got to be the most limited record I have), so I assume it's a transition copy. I know the singer for this band went on to front Raw Nerve, but I can't say whether the other members have done anything of note.

August 25, 2013

Astral Sleep

Another solid Relapse release this year comes in the form of the U.S. pressing of Primitive Man's debut LP, 'Scorn.'  Boasting members of Clinging To The Trees of A Forrest Fire, you won't find any blasting grindcore here.  This band plays a style of crushingly heavy sludge/doom that makes you want to bash someone's skull in.  Check this out of you like your music HEAVY.

Beer colored vinyl, limited to 300 copies.

August 24, 2013

Grit Your Teeth

Debut LP from France's Youth Avoiders, put out on Deranged Records.  This LP came out of nowhere and really blew me away.  It reminds me a lot of Career Suicide/Social Circkle with their speed and sometimes 'jangly' guitar parts. Most of the songs are really catchy too.  Not much else to say other than if you're into the aforementioned bands you need to check this out.  Definite top 10 of the year material here.

August 20, 2013

Not Afraid

Another classic slab of NYHC to cross of the old want list.  The coveted 'Break Away' EP by Straight Ahead.  I think this is a third press (first and second were in blank sleeves with a sticker).  CLASSIC late 80's hardcore.  Hugely influential, and equally as essential.

August 19, 2013

My Brain

Culo out of Chicago has been making waves in the punk scene lately.  Playing some raging hardcore punk and sporting a ridiculous aesthetic (just watch live videos of the singer) you can see why.  This is the band's second demo (I believe) pressed to wax by Cowabunga Records.  'My Brain Is Hanging Upside Down' is another outing in top notch American punk.  You know what you're getting with this band.  The label posted a few transition copies of this record so I snagged one.

Purple transition press, limited to 15 copies.

August 17, 2013

No Release

I've posted before about my admiration for Texas' Total Abuse.  This is a tour press of the band's first proper EP, 'Sex Pig.'  This EP is a more straight forward hardcore punk sound than their later stuff (especially their second and third LP's).  Just read recently that the band has reunited, so hopefully I can catch them if they tour.  Or if we're lucky they will release more recordings.

August 15, 2013

Smoldering Wreckage

Here is the first Condition 7" titled 'Deteriorating.'  Hailing from LA, the band plays a mix of Scandinavian/Japanese hardcore punk.  Obvious influences from Anti-Cimex and Bastard abound.  Really great stuff here.  This was originally released as a cassette, then pressed in Europe by De:Nihil Records, and pressed by Rust and Machine here in the U.S.  This is the Rust and Machine pressing.  New EP due out very soon on Rust and Machine Records.

August 14, 2013

Godless Truth

Recent reissue on Relapse Records of the debut LP from Finland's Convulse.  "World Without God" is a classic slab of early 90's Finnish death metal.  Fairly underrated for their time, this band/LP rips.  No doubt very influential stuff to the newer crop of Finnish bands coming out.  The label pressed 100 copies on 'gruesome grey' for Maryland Death Fest this past year, and put up leftover copies in their web store.

Maaaaaaaaaaan, 90's death metal promo pictures were so cool.

August 12, 2013

Battalion of Zero

This is a record that I had high expectations for.  The debut "solo" LP from Phil Anselmo, although it's dubbed Phil Anselmo & The Illegals.  'Walk Through Exits Only' is an interesting listen.  I don't mean to say that Phil has strayed away from heavy music, because that is definitely not the case.  The ex-Pantera and current Down frontman is still very much into metal on this record.  I honestly have a hard time explaining what this sounds like other than just saying "it's metal," because that's exactly what it is.  It doesn't sound like Pantera and it doesn't sound like Down.  This band has its own sound.  It's heavy and good.  It's metal.  Sorry for the shitty description, but I can't think of one band to compare this to.  Just pick up a copy for yourself and YOU tell ME what it sounds like.

Red vinyl of the wider press.

August 11, 2013

Skull Binding

I've bought more metal leaning records this year than I have any other year before.  Here's another to add to that list.  The debut LP from Dead In The Dirt, 'The Blind Hole.'  Southern Lord Records.  This band is all over the place musically.  Elements of punk, hardcore, grindcore, crust, and even some death metal all shine through on this record, but I find this record leaning more towards grind than anything else - vegan straight edge grind to be exact.  This record is heavy and fast, and definitely the band's best material to date.  Great production job as well.  Very promising debut LP, and I look forward to hearing more from them.

August 10, 2013


Texas has been killing it this year.  So far there have been great full lengths from Power Trip and Hatred Surge, and now the new LP from Mammoth Grinder, 'Underworlds.'  At this point I'm convinced that anything Chris Ulsh plays in will be top notch, seeing as how he is in all three of the aforementioned bands.  For the unfamiliar, Mammoth Grinder play old school death metal with a clear punk influence.  Some of the writing styles are clearly derived from punk, but the riffs are unmistakably death metal oriented.  The main riff that repeats several times over in the track 'Roperide' has to be one of my favorite riffs of this year.  This whole LP is just fantastic.  20 Buck Spin does it again.

Blue vinyl, limited to 227 copies and has since sold out.

August 4, 2013

Second Chances

Ceremony's third LP, 'Rohnert Park' took a while to grow on me.  This LP is such a departure from every release before it that I felt almost betrayed.  When it first came out I gave it a few listens, but quickly dismissed it as being boring.  After a few years and more listens, I've grown to really appreciate this record and consider it some of the band's best work.  It's a more straight forward 80's hardcore punk record than the sheer speed of their earlier stuff, and I think it suits the band very well.  Ceremony has since gone on to release another LP that is even further removed from their early stuff but I've grown to like that record too.  I guess the hype around this band/record has died off because I was able to get this variant for pretty cheap considering what it used to go for.

First press on red, limited to 300 copies.

August 3, 2013


Here's another new release from React! Records, the debut 7" from Baltimore's WarxGames titled "9 Trax/No Nightmare."  This release is a bit of a departure from the label's usual youth crew oriented bands.  What you get here is fast, no frills hardcore punk similar to VOID, Infest, and old NYHC a la The Abused.  Members of Mindset, Deep Sleep, The Pist, etc.  I believe white vinyl is limited to 150 copies.