July 25, 2015

How Low Can A Punk Get?

The Bad Brains from DC (later NYC) are arguably one of the first hardcore punk bands.  That's not really up for debate.  Because of this, their early releases are held in very high regard, and with good reason.  I'm not going to describe what this band sounds like, or their importance on punk in general, because if you've arrived at this blog I'm assuming you're in-the-know on them, as they're a pretty entry level punk/hardcore band.

This is the band's second full length, "Rock For Light."  This is the first press on PVC Records and it includes the printed inner sleeve.  I just didn't take a picture of it because it's literally just the lyrics on the sleeve - no images or art or anything.  A classic that is essential to any punk's collection, be it vinyl, CD, or digital.

July 19, 2015

Fuck Your Life

Here's a record that is related to my previous post, as in the drummer has played in both bands: the sole LP from Boston's Blank Stare.  The band existed from the mid 2000's until about 2008/2009.  Boston straight edge that sounds like a mix between the OG Boston Crew bands and Black Flag.  This LP is beyond good.  It dropped in 2008 and I've been listening to it regularly (at least once every few weeks) since it came out.  It was pressed in the US by Third Party Records and in Europe by Refuse Records.  This copy is a tour press that includes a special cover in addition to the standard one.

For those who don't know, Ryan (the drummer for this band) also plays drums for No Tolerance.  I saw him at Damaged City Fest this last year and asked when we would see a Blank Stare reunion.  He said, 'never, because the singer isn't straight edge any more.'  That was a bit of a bummer to hear.  I mean, how can a guy that wrote a song called, "Fuck drugs, fuck you," not be straight edge any more?  Life goes on.

July 18, 2015

Social Climber

Here we have the hardcore LP of the year.  'Up Against the Wall' by Boston's Chain Rank.  Featuring members of Green Beret, The Combat Zone, Blank Stare, Social Circkle, and about a million other bands, Chain Rank plays early 80's Xclaim! hardcore with a heavy dose of The Abused in there.  Everything about this LP is perfect, from the length of the record (under 14 minutes) to the production.  I think this was technically self-released by the band but it's available through the Side Two webstore as well as Twerp Record's webstore.  I highly suggest snagging a copy of this before it starts fetching high prices, which it's bound to do.  Instant classic.

July 14, 2015

Hall of Death

When Kansas City's Spine released their debut EP, it made my year-end list.  Combining elements of early Youth of Today, Infest, and SSD, they created a killer EP.  Here is the band's debut LP "Time Has Gone" released on the drummer's own Bad Teeth Recordings.  This LP features all the same elements as previous releases, however the songs are more well crafted.  They flow better than on anything the band has put out before.  Definitely a top LP of 2014.  I hear the band has another record dropping sometime this year.  Can't wait to hear that one.

This is the pre-order edition on orange vinyl, limited to 100 copies.

July 9, 2015

Punch Out

Denver, CO isn't exactly a hotbed for current hardcore bands, at least none that are known on a national (or larger) scale.  However, there are a few that come to mind: Civilized, Cadaver Dog, and Negative Degree.  Here is the first EP from the latter, titled 'Get Fucked.'  This was released on Deranged Records back in 2013.  Really good midwest style HC that would have come about in the early 80's.  Other than this EP the band has released a demo.  I haven't heard anything about them in quite a while, so I hope they're not done.

July 8, 2015

Chain Gang

Wow, it's been about 7 months since my last post on this blog.  There's really not a specific reason I haven't been keeping up with this other than, I just haven't.  Having said that I'll probably be going through some stuff I've gotten in since that post (and probably before), so sorry if you've seen all these records on everyone else's blogs already.  I figured my first post in the last 7 months should be about one of my favorite records that's been released in that time.  The specific version of the record that I'm posting about was actually released in 2014, but I believe the regular press wasn't available until early 2015.  I might be wrong on that though.

I'm talking about the self titled EP from New York's Ajax.  As I stated before this specific version is a pre-release for the record.  The vinyl was done but the covers weren't so the band made 100 covers with their logo in blue ink and sold via mailorder/at a few shows.  Great early 80's hardcore punk.  Just overall really solid songs/production on this record.  New EP due out soon on Beach Impediment.