October 12, 2014

Exit Life

Ringworm has to be one of the most consistent bands in hardcore.  Although their first two LP's are their best material (and that is very unlikely to ever change) I can't think of another hardcore band that has consistently released solid LP after solid LP.  That's not to say that they've all been perfect records, but I can't think of one of them that flat out sucks.  The Cleveland band continues this tradition on their latest output, "Hammer of the Witch."  Released on Relapse Records (kind of a weird pairing, but I think it works) this record is a step up from, "Scars," which I found at times to be kind of boring.  I'd even put this one above, "The Venomous Grand Design," and on certain days, "Justice Replaced By Revenge."  This is just an overall good record, and one of the band's heaviest to date.

As per usual with Relapse releases they did 100 copies of this that weren't sold to the public.  I came across this one on Discogs a few weeks ago for a very reasonable price, so I had to snatch it.

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