July 7, 2012

Feel Like A Man

Record score of the day (or yesterday, actually) is one of my favorite releases from the original Boston Crew bands - the Negative FX discography LP.  This LP was originally released on Taang! Records back in 1984, but was re-released by Reflex Records out of Belgium in 2002.  This is the Reflex Records press.

I came across this copy in a local record store, and it was still sealed.  There was a short period when I was trying to decide whether I wanted to even open this (my inner nerd was telling me not to, to keep the value of it a little higher) but I decided I wanted to actually listen to it.  Crazy, right?

Included on the insert is a short biography of the band.  I didn't know they had only played 5 shows.

Here are fliers for the 5 shows they played.  According to the bio, they ended up not playing one of these shows.

One of the most important releases in the history of hardcore.


  1. Probably my favourite LP from the original Boston crew.

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