May 6, 2013

Still Ill

It's no secret that more times than not I'd prefer an original pressing of something.  There are those who don't care about nerdy shit like that, and then there are dummies like me.  There are also a lot of times when a label will reissue/repress a record that is readily available elsewhere.  With that being said, No Warning's debut LP 'Ill Blood' is a record that was in dire need of a reissue, and Bridge 9 knocked it out of the park with this one.

This thing has been in production for what seems like forever, but finally saw light late last month.  This deluxe reissue couples the band's HUGELY influential first full length on one LP, and their prior 7" and demo on a second single-sided LP, with an awesome screened B side.  I don't need to say anything about this band or record.  They more or less pioneered this sound and any band that came after them owes a great deal of gratitude to them.

I was able to score one of the 'Blood and Piss' color variants, limited to 300 copies.

1 comment:

  1. still waiting on mine. i'd argue that they were ripping on mid era madball here. great record none the less.