December 30, 2013

Enigma of Disgust

Vastum is a band I hadn't heard about until 20 Buck Spin put up orders for their latest LP, "Patricidal Lust."  A quick Google search provided a link to the band's music to check out, and I was sold after about 20 seconds.  What you get here is death metal with a huge doom influence.  You won't find any blast beat heavy songs here.  Instead, the songs are slow, heavy, and dark.  A really good introduction to this band, and I'll be looking into tracking down their first LP.  Fans of Bolt Thrower and Mammoth Grinder won't be disappointed here.

The label pressed two different versions of this record.  The standard press on black vinyl, and a limited press on white/black mix vinyl with alternate artwork.  While I (obviously) went for the more limited version, the artwork on the standard is way cooler.  The artwork on the fold-out insert is also the cover art on the standard version.  As you can see below, it's AWESOME.

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