December 17, 2013

Let Down Straight Edge

Let Down was a Philly (actually Doyelstown) PA straight edge band that existed from the mid 2000's to about 2009/2010.  The band played fast, pissed off, "fuck you" straight edge hardcore.  The singer of this band was infamous for more or less being a prick and doing overall crazy shit while playing live.  Instances include, but are not limited to; knocking beer out of the hands of people watching them play, diving from extreme heights while playing, and beating himself in the face with the mic.  The band released a few EPs and one LP.  This is a test press for that LP titled "We're In This Alone" (which is a play on the classic YOT LP).  This has to be one of my favorite LPs of the last decade.  Really fast, negative straight edge.  I wish there were more bands like this.

I believe there are only 12 test press copies.

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