February 17, 2014

Deluxe Overload

A389 Records put up a limited package deal a few weeks back that included a double LP pressing of Integrity's Systems Overload LP (which is actually an Organized Crime release, not A389) and the band's newest 7" EP - 7th Revelation: Beyond the Realm of the Witch, as well as a shirt.  The double LP pressing of Systems was released in conjunction with the band playing the A389 Bash with the lineup that was together when the LP was originally released back in 1995.  In addition to the re-re-reissue of this LP the '95 lineup recorded one new track, which was put to wax as the aforementioned 7".  Of course the double LP is awesome looking with the etched B-sides of both LP's being that of the Integrity skull, but what attracted me to this package most was the special, limited to this package, press of that 7".  The single track that is pressed onto this clear/glow in the dark/etched 7" boasts that classic Melnick feel.  Aside from Dwid's vocals (his vocals sound different in 2014 than they did back in 1995 - still great though) this track could have easily been on a release during A2's initial run with Integrity.  Complete with the invisible ink/gloss that is common with most Integrity releases nowadays, this is an all around solid package.

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