February 8, 2014

Don't Judge A Book

Everyone knows the old saying, 'don't judge a book by its cover.'  That saying applies to the newest release from Shin to Shin.  This has to be some of the worst cover art I've seen in a long time.  Anyway, this is the band's first LP, and from what I can gather, only their second release overall (following a split with Pulling Teeth).  Since S2S is the latest project from Aaron Melnick (of Integrity, In Cold Blood, etc.) fame, you know to expect metallic hardcore here.  Behind the lame cover and questionable band name are riffs that could only have been created by the legendary A2.  After all, the music is what matters right?  Seriously though, this LP is full of classic Melnick era Integrity type riffs.  If you're a fan of the first few Integrity releases or any In Cold Blood material, you'll love this record.  It's been a long time coming (I think it was announced something like 4 years ago) and to finally hear it now is very satisfying.  Another solid release from A389 Records.


  1. Holy shit where can I get this, where did you get this and can you rip it for me??

    1. A389 threw up preorders a few weeks back. You can get it from them here: http://shop.a389records.com/collections/12-vinyl-a389/products/shin-to-shin-shin-2-shin-12-preorder

      and Rev has copies now too: http://revhq.com/store.revhq?Page=search&Id=ATHR138

      I'd rip it if I could, but my current player doesn't have any way to do so. It didn't come with a download, otherwise I'd send it your way.

  2. i swear i scoured the A389 site a couple of weeks for this record and it wasn't there. ordered.