April 15, 2014

Bad Faith

This past weekend was the second annual Damaged City fest in D.C.  Similar to last year's Violent Reaction LP, The Flex had their LP for sale at the fest before it was available anywhere else.  And much like the Violent Reaction LP being my favorite release of last year, this debut LP, 'Wild Stabs In the Dark,' from The Flex will go down as one of my favorite releases of this year.  This band comes from Leeds in the UK and plays a hybrid of early USHC and UKHC.  Not too different from Violent Reaction, albeit with a bit less of an Oi! feel.  Split release on Video Disease and Milk Run.


  1. I'm starting to feel as if I'm the only person in the world who doesn't have a copy of this thing. Great stuff, how was the fest?

    1. I was only able to make it to Saturday's main show, but it was great. The Flex put on the best set, followed by Boston Strangler and Waste Management. Infest killed it too.