April 21, 2014

Stand Accused

As with my last post, this is a post about a release that was made available at Damaged City Fest in D.C. two weekends ago.  And similar to my post about The Flex this band is also from the UK.  This is the cassette version of the new Violent Reaction EP, 'Dead End' due out on Painkiller Records soon.  The vinyl copies weren't going to be read for the fest/a majority of the band's tour so the label had said cassettes made.  I'm glad they did because after last year's LP I've been eagerly wanting more from this band, and this tape does not disappoint.  Six new tracks in a very similar vein to last year's LP make this one of my favorite releases so far this year.  I can't wait for the vinyl version to drop.


  1. Didn't happen to get a spare of this did you bud?

    1. Shit man, no I didn't. I'm sorry. Hit me up next year before hand and I'll definitely grab one something for you.

    2. all good. i always forget to hit you up.