July 28, 2014

Annihilate Me

I could have sworn I posted about the tape version of the 'CREEP//Annihilate Me' EP from New York's Brain Slug, however a quick search on my blog says otherwise.  As stated this was originally put out as a tape on Bleeding Edges but has been given the vinyl treatment by Failure Recordings.  Two originals in the vein of Krakdown and Citizen's Arrest, and a CxA cover = all quality.  This band has gotten significantly better since I first heard their demo, and I hope they release something else soon.  Limited to 325 copies all on black vinyl.


  1. very nice, i keep forgetting to order this. honestly, that's Black vinyl? it looks like a very dark clear green.

    1. That's just a bad picture/bad lighting. It's definitely black.