July 7, 2014

Black Clad Jerusalem

It seems like I'm the last person to post about this 2 song release from Stone Dagger.  If you don't know by now this is a good old fashioned heavy metal band done by members of (you guessed it) the Boston hardcore scene - Brendan Radigan, CC, and DFJ of The Rival Mob, Mind Eraser, Mental, xfilesx, every other band from Boston.  The two songs here are very on point and well done, not too dissimilar to the fantastic Magic Circle LP that came out last year (someone I never posted about that.  Go get it if you haven't yet, it's really really good.)  Pressed to vinyl by Electric Assault Records, the label blew threw the first press in less than 3 days I think.  There's a second press currently up for sale.

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