November 23, 2014

High Wired

Chris Ulsh is a fairly busy dude, having spent time (whether the band is current or no longer active) in Power Trip, Mammoth Grinder, Hatred Surge, Vaaska, and the Impalers, just to name a few.  He's one of those guys that no matter what he plays on, the recorded output is going to be good.  The Impalers LP that dropped last year was really fucking good (I just never posted about it for some odd reason) and the follow up to that is also really fucking good.  Originally released as a tape, 540 Records pressed the "Psychedelic Snutskallar" EP to vinyl.  Sound-wise this is more of the same raging Motorhead inspired d-beat punk, however the A side contains only one 12+ minute track.  Don't let that deter you though, because all 12+ minutes are killer, and there is no filler.  The B side contains 5 songs in the more familiar Impalers style.  The record comes packaged in a cool DJ style sleeve.  I dig it.

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