November 25, 2014

Just Like The Rest

Cleveland, Ohio's Cider is a band that has existed for 20+ years, but has only released a small handful of records.  The band released their debut "Out to Get Me" on Non-Commercial Records in 1994 and then went silent for 10 years before dropping their next release.  Playing obnoxious hardcore punk, they helped to lay the groundwork for that classic Cleveland sound that would influence The Inmates, H100's, Gordon Solie Motherfuckers, 9 Shocks Terror, and so on.  The original pressing of this 7" was limited to only 300 copies.  The version here is a recent reissue on My Mind's Eye Records, and includes all three of the different sleeve variations that were found on the original press.  This is a great reissue and I'm glad to have a copy in my collection.

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