August 17, 2015

Broken Chain

The demo from Boston's Death Injection was easily one of my favorites from 2014.  No frills early Boston crew worship done right.  After that release came a promo tape with three songs from an upcoming LP.  Again, the songs were killer on that tape and I couldn't wait for the LP to drop.  The band's debut LP, 'Hate For Myself and Everyone Else,' continues in the same fashion and it's a stomper through and through.  Clocking in at under 20 minutes this LP is all killer, no filler.  I love a good negative straight edge band.

This is the clear vinyl version, limited to 100 copies.  This is definitely an odd pairing for both Triple B Records and the band, as neither one seem to fit the other that well.  I assume it's because the label is based and Boston and so is the band?  I'm not hating on it, just thought it was an odd choice on both parts.  The cover art was done by Marc McCoy (Youth Attack Records) and it is killer as well.  Definitely in the top 10 LP's for this year for me.

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  1. Totally missed out on getting a copy of this.