August 7, 2015

Mental Shock

Another day, another post about a Boston band.  I'll stop posting about bands from Boston when they stop producing some (a lot) of the best hardcore and punk that is coming out.  This is the debut EP from 2X4 which features members of just about all the other good bands from that city that are currently going.  What you get here is fairly similar to the Chain Rank LP, but the early Boston:The Abused ratio is a little more evened out on this one, whereas that LP had a bigger Abused influence.  Eight songs of very solid raging hardcore punk.  If you're a fan of that Chain Rank LP (which of course you are) I highly suggest snagging this EP as well.  Twerp Records.

1 comment:

  1. I bought this at Damage City Fest and promptly forgot about it. I'm gonna have to start listening to this now. - chris