August 3, 2013


Here's another new release from React! Records, the debut 7" from Baltimore's WarxGames titled "9 Trax/No Nightmare."  This release is a bit of a departure from the label's usual youth crew oriented bands.  What you get here is fast, no frills hardcore punk similar to VOID, Infest, and old NYHC a la The Abused.  Members of Mindset, Deep Sleep, The Pist, etc.  I believe white vinyl is limited to 150 copies.


  1. Amazing 7" Looking forward to seeing these guys play Ottobar with the Night Birds, Zero Boys and the Ravagers!!! - chris

  2. When is that show? I remember hearing about it a few months back. I'm only about an hour from Baltimore.

  3. Show is going to be on August 27th!!! It's gonna be a banger. - Chris