August 10, 2013


Texas has been killing it this year.  So far there have been great full lengths from Power Trip and Hatred Surge, and now the new LP from Mammoth Grinder, 'Underworlds.'  At this point I'm convinced that anything Chris Ulsh plays in will be top notch, seeing as how he is in all three of the aforementioned bands.  For the unfamiliar, Mammoth Grinder play old school death metal with a clear punk influence.  Some of the writing styles are clearly derived from punk, but the riffs are unmistakably death metal oriented.  The main riff that repeats several times over in the track 'Roperide' has to be one of my favorite riffs of this year.  This whole LP is just fantastic.  20 Buck Spin does it again.

Blue vinyl, limited to 227 copies and has since sold out.

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