August 4, 2013

Second Chances

Ceremony's third LP, 'Rohnert Park' took a while to grow on me.  This LP is such a departure from every release before it that I felt almost betrayed.  When it first came out I gave it a few listens, but quickly dismissed it as being boring.  After a few years and more listens, I've grown to really appreciate this record and consider it some of the band's best work.  It's a more straight forward 80's hardcore punk record than the sheer speed of their earlier stuff, and I think it suits the band very well.  Ceremony has since gone on to release another LP that is even further removed from their early stuff but I've grown to like that record too.  I guess the hype around this band/record has died off because I was able to get this variant for pretty cheap considering what it used to go for.

First press on red, limited to 300 copies.


  1. I got the record release version of "Zoo" if everyone is looking to trade... haha

    1. I may be interested in that. What's your email address?