October 14, 2013

Old Ways

Arizona isn't what I'd call a hotbed for hardcore.  Other than Sex Prisoner and Magnum Force (RIP) I can't think of many other recent bands off the top of my head that have been of note.  That is until receiving the debut Closet Case 7" in the mail.  No frills pissed off hardcore punk.  I can't think of anything to compare them too off-hand, but if you're into other recent bands like Oblivionation, Hassler, Culo, etc. I think you'll definitely be into this.

Released on Going Underground records, this is the clear vinyl version of 100 copies.


  1. I would name Get Destroyed too, but I have no idea how active they are these days. Aren't/weren't Avon Ladies based there too?

    1. Agreed on both bands. I think Get Destroyed is still kicking, but Avon Ladies are no more. Can't believe I forgot GD - I LOVE that band.