October 5, 2013

Iron Spiral

Coke Bust is one of my favorite active bands.  I've expressed my admiration for this band in prior posts, so I'll save that for now.  This is the band's second LP, "Confined," put out by Grave Mistake Records here in the U.S. and Refuse Records in Europe.  This LP contains another 9 songs in about as many minutes of ultra fast, blast-heavy DC hardcore.  Another fine output from the band.

The band was scheduled to play three shows for their record release weekend, but for some reason had to cancel two of them.  Since they did 200 copies of this record release version of the LP, they obviously had leftovers they put online for sale, which is where I snagged one.  My only "issue" with this record is that it's so short and I want more.  I guess that's more of a testament to the quality of their music.


  1. Awesome album! I just did the pre-order from Grave Mistake for the red version of the vinyl to go along with this. -chris

    1. I actually ordered a red one too but just decided to not take pictures of it since I had already taken pics of this one a few weeks prior. I can be lazy sometimes. Haha