November 26, 2013

Crimson Streets

Debut (?) tape from blown out Denver hardcore unit, City Hunter.  Got this in the recent Youth Attack update.  The first thing that needs to be said about this tape is the awesome packaging.  Music aside (not that it's bad), this package rules.  I love the whole 70's/80's slasher theme that this band has taken on.  The case for the tape is similar to that of an old VHS tape, complete with an awesome tagline ("...'Til the blade goes dull!") and stills from the would be movie on the back.  Some of the coolest packaging I've seen for any record/tape in a long time - well worth the price of admission alone.  Musically this band is fairly standard fare as far as Youth Attack (and related) releases go.  Super blown out hardcore punk.  Not bad at all, but I would like to hear these songs with a better production.  I believe this is the first release for Blackout Rage Records, and it's set the standard pretty high.  I think an EP is to follow on Youth Attack at some point as well.

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  1. Tried looking for this after I saw it on instagram but have had no luck. Also email me if you haven't sold that citizens arrest on red yet.