November 6, 2013

(Youth Crew) Hardcore Still Lives

Nowadays I don't find myself listening to too many current youth crew styled bands.  I still throw on the classics often enough, but haven't been keeping up with many current bands of this style - save for a few.  Ancient Heads are a straight edge (duh) band from Toronto (?) repping the classic youth crew sound to a T.  VERY well done in my opinion.  This is both of the band's demo tapes pressed onto a single 7", and put out on Climbin' Aboard Records.  I believe there were 50 of these pressed with the silver AH ink on the cover, and 250 with green AH ink on the cover, all on clear vinyl.  I also got a copy of the green cover, but that's literally the only difference between the variants, so I didn't feel the need to snap a photo of that one too.

New 7" due out on React! Records soon.


  1. Awesome that you were able to get one of these too!!! - chris

  2. Replies
    1. Shoot me an email dude. I'll send that second copy your way.