November 25, 2013

Menial Subsistence

Another ripper of a band that includes Connor of Abuse. and Protestor, here is the Genocide Pact demo.  Again we have Connor covering drums, along with members of DC grind band Disciples of Christ filling in the rest of the ranks.  What you get with this 4 song demo isn't hardcore or grind though, it's early 90's style Florida death metal, more specifically Obituary style death metal.  Fans of contemporaries Mammoth Grinder are also sure to be into this band.  Really, really great stuff here.  Definitely one of my favorite demos so far this year.

Not really much to look at as far as packaging, however Malokul Records (run by one of the guys from this band) just put up preorders for the 7" version of this demo, which I'm sure has a bit more to the packaging.  That can be purchased HERE.

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  1. Ordered the vinyl pressing of this yesterday from D.O.C. along with about $100 worth of other stuff. So much great music in that store.