January 4, 2014

New Warning

No Warning split up a few years back, and showed no signs of life for quite a while.  With all the recent reunions that have been happening, it isn't far fetched to think (or hope) for a No Warning reunion too.  The tail end of last year brought us just that.  Well, sort of.  Instead of the band officially getting back together, they decided to release a two song 7" to raise funds for a band mate's family.

Released on the singer's own Bad Actors Inc, what we get here is one new track and one cover.  The A side brings a song that will easily appeal to fans of the band's first LP, while the B side is a cover of a Violent Minds song.  I'm not quite sure why the band would opt to put a cover of a band that was active around the same time, but it's well done.  This 7" is limited to 500 copies.


  1. I think they covered VM because the friend they're raising funds for is zach , the part time bassist for NW and singer for VM. He's in prison or something. The funds are for his kids I think. The whole EP wreaks of VM with the wolf references.

  2. Ah, that makes a lot of sense.