May 28, 2014


D.C. has been a hotbed for quality hardcore bands as of late.  Another band to add to the list of quality coming from the capitol is Misled Youth and their debut EP.  Sharing members with Coke Bust you can assume this band shares at least a few similarities with them, and you'd be correct in doing so.  However Misled Youth doesn't go for the balls to the wall speed that Coke Bust does.  They may have more similarities to early youth crew (musically, not really lyrically) than Coke Bust.  Split release on Society Bleeds and Refuse Records.  I preordered this record back before Damaged City fest, but the band had record release versions available at the fest.  So naturally I had to pick one up.


  1. after reading your post I ran and bought a copy on clear... Great record! Thanks!

    1. Glad I could help. It's definitely a good record.