May 7, 2014


As most people who are into this sub-genre of music are aware, Napalm Death is quite possibly the first grindcore band.  As such, their debut LP, "Scum" is one of the earliest examples of the sub-sub-genre.  The pressing information for this LP seems to be uncertain - there were multiple color covers done all around the same time for the release in various countries, so who knows which the true first pressing is.  Does it matter?  I was just happy to score a copy that's in this great of shape since a lot of copies you see are pretty tattered.  Completely essential listening here folks.


  1. This is the third pressing of the album. They were all released in '87 with different sleeve colors, the first being the yellow cover and the second being orange (I believe). Each press in '87 has a sticker affixed to the top right corner. Fact about the album: the amazing cover art was done by Jeffrey Walker, the vocalist and bassist of Carcass.

    The album is in great quality, man. You scored hard. This is my favorite album by Napalm Death, actually. Justin Broadrick played on the first half of the album, writing the lyrics as well. Grats on the find (and in such nice quality, too).

    1. Thanks for the pressing info man. I was definitely stoked to get a copy in this great of shape.