May 13, 2014

Use Only As Directed

The Oblivionation demo that dropped in 2012 was a 3 song display of expertly executed hardcore punk.  Consisting of members of Out Cold and Bloodkrow Butcher, it's not hard to see why the demo was so good.  Fast forward a few months and talk of several EP's and an LP start to surface, and I start to get excited.  Not until a few months ago did any more releases from the band actually see the light of day, but it was worth the wait.  "Cult of Culture" was put out on Man In Decline Records in the US and Hardware Records in Europe.  Four more tracks of ripping hardcore punk, very similar to that of the (classic) Out Cold.


  1. how's this sound? the band stated on Facebook a few weeks ago that the pressing sounded like shit and that the pressing plant would not be employed for another release. i haven't had a chance to spin mine yet.

  2. We had the record repressed and the original pressing was thrown out. There is going to be another limited color pressing coming out within the next 2 months on Man In Decline.

  3. I don't think my copy sounds too bad. It is a but more noisy than intended (I'm sure) but it's definitely listenable. I assume the Hardware press is okay?