July 25, 2015

How Low Can A Punk Get?

The Bad Brains from DC (later NYC) are arguably one of the first hardcore punk bands.  That's not really up for debate.  Because of this, their early releases are held in very high regard, and with good reason.  I'm not going to describe what this band sounds like, or their importance on punk in general, because if you've arrived at this blog I'm assuming you're in-the-know on them, as they're a pretty entry level punk/hardcore band.

This is the band's second full length, "Rock For Light."  This is the first press on PVC Records and it includes the printed inner sleeve.  I just didn't take a picture of it because it's literally just the lyrics on the sleeve - no images or art or anything.  A classic that is essential to any punk's collection, be it vinyl, CD, or digital.

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