January 21, 2013

Raw Style

The Raw Meat demo that was released last year was one of my favorites of the year, which I had forgotten about when writing up my best of list.  It would have definitely made the list had I remembered it, but since I hadn't listened to it for a bit it slipped my mind.  Anyway, the demo was so good that Vinyl Rites decided to press it to vinyl.  A very good call on their part since I missed out on a tape copy, as I'm sure many others who wanted one did as well.  Featuring members of The Rival Mob and Nomos, the band plays hardcore similar to the latter more so than the former.  This is just some straight up hardcore done really well.  All copies of the 7" version were done on black I believe.  Head to the Vinly Rites STORE and grab a copy while you still can.  This demo didn't come with an insert.  All of the credits are printed on the center label.

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