January 25, 2013

That Life of Yours

If you've been following this blog for any amount of time, there's a good chance you are aware of how I feel about Weekend Nachos.  Here is the latest single released on A389 Records as a precursor to their new LP, due out soon on Deep Six.  The A side track is taken from the new LP, and the B side is an exclusive to this 7".  These two songs follow the same style of fast/heavy/blast-beat laden mosh jams, but there are a few hints of progression in here.  These two songs are mostly the same style as previous releases, however there are some dissonant type guitar/drum parts that change up the pace nicely, while not killing the sheer power of the tracks.  Another solid release from the band that gets me excited for the new LP.

The track, "That Life of Yours" has to be the best straight-edge-song-by-a-non-straight-edge-band I've ever heard.

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