January 2, 2013


DYS is a band that should need no introduction, but if you don't know they were one of the original Boston Crew bands from the 80's that influenced a lot of hardcore that came after them.  I've never really been clear on this, but I believe Wolfpack is a collection of demo's/EP's/singles/etc that was released in the late 80's by Taang! - but don't quote me on that.  Aside from a few of the covers on here, the songs on this record are essential for any self-respecting hardcore fan.  Later reissued by Reflex Records out of Belgium, this copy is from the original Taang! release.

The lighting on pictures of white objects (the inserts here) always comes out dark, but holy hell these pictures suck.  Sorry for the terrible photography.  Since it's hard to tell, the insert on the left is a Taang! mailorder catalog, and the one on the right is the lyric sheet.

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