February 3, 2013

Eat Shit

A few months back A389 Records' head honcho Dom hinted at a vinyl reissue of the Left For Dead discography. Originally titled 'Splitting Heads,' and having been a CD-only release, I was very excited.  When it was announced the band was playing the A389 bash in mid January I bought tickets to go right away.  I changed jobs right around the time of the fest and was left with a really weak paycheck one week, so I couldn't afford to go.  After the bash Dom threw the leftover copies of the newly remixed/remastered discography LP, 'Devoid of Everything,' in the webstore, and I ordered as soon as I could.  Upon first listen I can only say one thing - HOLY SHIT.  If you've ever listened to any of the band's recorded output prior to this you know how terrible the quality was.  Somehow Kevin Bernstein was able to make this sound PHENOMENAL.  I love this band and am so glad I was able to grab a copy on clear vinyl before they sold out.

If you're unfamiliar with the band's sound, members are/were in Haymaker, Cursed, Pick Your Side, Chokehold, Countdown to Oblivion, and Burning Love.  This band sounds similar to Haymaker mixed with early Cursed.

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