February 28, 2013

Nice Boot(s)

I'm generally not the biggest fan of bootlegs, but there are always exceptions to the rule.  This particular post is case in point.  The boot that's on display here combines four of the greatest New York Hardcore Punk 7"s of all time onto one 12", and seeing as how it would have cost me a couple thousand dollars to get originals of these, I figured it was okay to pick this up.

The four EP's that are on display are The Mob - Upset the System, Urban Waste - 7", Antidote - Thou Shalt Not Kill, and The Abused - Loud and Clear.  The whole sound and look on this record really are top notch.  As you can see below, the front and back covers of the sleeve are collages of the front and back covers of the respective 7"s.  The insert is a booklet containing reproductions of the original inserts for the 7"s as well - like I said this is a really well done boot.


  1. I remember seeing this on the grave mistake store and not buying it. I figured the same as you, I'll probably never own the real versions and I already have all these on mp3's so why buy it on a bootleg. However, now seeing how nice it looks on here, and seeing its hand numbered (is that out of /100 or /700???) I feel like a dumb ass for not buying this!

    1. I actually passed on it a few times but finally caved and ordered it. I was trying to figure out that number too! The nerd in me wants to think it's a 100...