February 6, 2013

Show of Force

Force Fed was a very short-lived band from PA that existed a few years back.  I believe they only released a demo and EP (both put on by Painkiller Records) before calling it quits.  I don't think many people share my love for this band, as evidenced by the sale of their records and the fact that I never hear anyone talk about them.  That may have something to do with some of the members breaking edge before the band even ended.  I don't know, and I don't really care.  This band RIPS.  Early 80's Boston style.

A few weeks back there was a lot containing a copy of their live tape, two copies of the demo tape and three copies of the 7" up on eBay, and I was able to win it for the starting bid price.  I already had the standard color copy of the 7", but for some reason didn't take a picture of it for this post.  Not sure why.  Anyway, here is the tour press and the record release press (Floorpunch sleeve).  Below that is the live Canadian tape on the left, the standard press of the demo on the right, and a sealed release show(?) copy of the demo at the bottom.

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