February 8, 2013


I know this post is a few years late but that's okay, because of the content.  Here is 'Martyr Immortal,' by Pulling Teeth which just happens to be my favorite of theirs.  A very solid mix of metal and hardcore on display here.  I was sad to see them call it quits early last year, but was lucky enough to be at their last show to see them off.  The band was one of the better using the "metallic hardcore" term of the last decade.  This is a first press copy, limited to 150 pieces.

P.S. this record has the song 'Stonethrowers' which has one of the hardest mosh parts I've ever heard.  As a song promoting gay/equal rights, it was always a pleasure for me to see all of the stupid tough guys mosh to this song.

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