September 12, 2013

Breathing Test

A few weeks ago Brendan Radigan of The Rival Mob, Mind Eraser, Magic Circle, and just about every other good band out of Boston was selling a few things on eBay.  Some rare stuff including a Magic Circle test, Soul Swallower test, and a Breathing Fire LP test.  While I definitely like all three of those bands/records, I only went for the Breathing Fire test press.  I knew the Magic Circle would go for more than I wanted to pay, and I think the fact that the Soul Swallower LP test only had a plain white sleeve kind of drove me away from those two.  Which left me with the Breathing Fire test.  I scored this for a very reasonable price, considering the quality of this release.  Powerviolence/metal influenced hardcore, not dissimilar to Mind Eraser.  This LP is EXTREMELY underrated.  Limited to 25 copies.

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