September 18, 2013

Mass Cremation

War Master is a death metal band from Texas fronted by none other than Daniel Shaw.  For those unaware, Shaw is responsible for a good bit of artwork used by bands coming from Texas such as, Insect Warfare, Hatred Surge, among others.  He of course did the artwork for this, War Master's debut LP 'Pyramid of the Necropolis.'  If the band name wasn't evidence enough, War Master worships at the throne of Bolt Thrower (they're named after a Bolt Thrower record.)  And they do a hell of a job.  Really good, solid, plodding death metal that rarely uses any type of blasts.

This is the blue vinyl version of the LP, limited to 200 copies.  Again, sorry for the bad picture(s), I'll get a real camera one of these days...


  1. Yes I need this record. The new Ep is a ripper too. Rahi seems to have slotted in well.

  2. I need that EP too. Is it a cassette/CD only release? I haven't seen vinyl copies anywhere, just those other two formats.