September 8, 2013

Fend For Yourself

Debut EP from Demolition titled 'World Gone Mad'.  Some serious late 80's NYHC worship here - mainly Warzone and the like.  Triple B records.  Very solid release.  Orange vinyl is limited to 100 copies I believe, the rest of the press is on blue.  The entire press is only 500 copies though so act fast if you want one.  If anyone is interested in a blue copy, I have one that I'd part with for cheap.  I have no need for two copies of the same record.


  1. I'd probably take that blue press off your hands bud, depending in postage rates.

  2. If you just paid for postage plus like a dollar or two for packaging, it's yours. I think it's something like $12-$13 to ship a single 7" outside the country now though.

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