September 26, 2013


More often than not, split records are a bust.  Sure, you may pick it up because you like a band on one of the sides, but most likely the other side will suck.  Sure, there are exceptions to the rule, but I'd say a good 80% of the time I pass on split records.  Every so often there is a split in which both sides kill - which is the case with the latest release on Bad Teeth Recordings.  Contender for split of the year in my opinion, here we have the Spine/Repos split on lemon lime green, limited to 100 copies.  Both sides show some of the respective bands' best material.  The Spine side brings four stompy mosh jams, while on the Repos side we get the band's best material since changing their name the first time (ie I think their output here is better than anything they released as The Ropes, or the 10 song demo they released after reforming as The Repos).  The Repos even close out their side with a rendition of a Spine song from the Subhuman 7".  Seriously essential stuff here, and John is really making Bad Teeth into one of my favorite current labels.  So far the label is 4/4 with top notch releases.  Wonder what's next.

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