August 13, 2014

Not My Generation

I somehow didn't post about this LP the year it was released, but it did make my end of year list.  I recently upgraded my black copy to this white version so I figured now was an appropriate time to (finally) post about it.  'The Last Pagans' LP from Norwegian heavyweights Shipwrecked is a straight up bruiser of a record.  This band started out doing the Boston revival sound before many of the bigger bands currently playing this style but didn't release their first LP until 2012.  Put out by Crucial Response in Germany, there are still color copies available if you're willing to pay the steep shipping charges.  If you haven't heard this record yet I'd recommend getting your hands on it any way you can as it's bound to be a classic.

1 comment:

  1. YES!!!! I've been bumping this for a while. Shipwrecked was absolutely ahead of the curve with the style that everyone is playing now. This was probably my favorite record of 2012, and I agree that it's a modern classic! FREJA LIVES