August 5, 2014

Red Contrast of Sin

Cross another long time want off my list.  This is a red vinyl copy of Integrity's first EP 'In Contrast of Sin,' on Victory Records.  The last few copies of this I watched on eBay ended either close to $200 or slightly over that mark.  Recently a seller with basically zero feedback had this, a black copy of this 7", Dark Empire press of this 7", a copy of 'Systems Overload' on clear, and a first press of the Mayday split in a lot up and I finally decided to pull the trigger.  I only needed/wanted this red copy and had planned to sell the others so I threw a pretty large bid on the lot, and was ecstatic when it barely went over the $100 mark.  After a few hiccups with shipping (I was starting to get worried after a while - maybe other people were smarter than me for not bidding on this when the seller was new?) these finally showed up at my door and I was beyond stoked.  I'm still in the middle of selling the other records that came in this lot but once that is said and done I will be breaking just about even - it's like I got this 7" for $15.  ONE LIFE DRUG FREE.

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