August 29, 2014

Always A Slave

I was initially turned on to Byron Bay's (of Australia) Shackl∑s by Sean over at Skull Fucked after he sent me a copy of their "Dissolve to Nothing" EP a few years back.  I haven't kept up with the band as much as I would have liked to since then but was able to pick up a copy of their debut long player "Forced to Regress" released on Resist Records.  I read somewhere that this opaque blue color was the limited variant but I was able to snag it from Deathwish, so I'm wondering if that's actually true.  Regardless, this is a killer LP.  If you can't tell by the album art, this band has a sound that is very rooted in powerviolence, however they bring a metallic edge to it.  It's kind of refreshing to hear a pv band in 2013/2014 that doesn't sound like Crossed Out.  Check this band out if you're at all interested in metallic hardcore/powerviolence/etc.

1 comment:

  1. good band. good guys. and yes, this is the limited variant (of 100).