July 18, 2015

Social Climber

Here we have the hardcore LP of the year.  'Up Against the Wall' by Boston's Chain Rank.  Featuring members of Green Beret, The Combat Zone, Blank Stare, Social Circkle, and about a million other bands, Chain Rank plays early 80's Xclaim! hardcore with a heavy dose of The Abused in there.  Everything about this LP is perfect, from the length of the record (under 14 minutes) to the production.  I think this was technically self-released by the band but it's available through the Side Two webstore as well as Twerp Record's webstore.  I highly suggest snagging a copy of this before it starts fetching high prices, which it's bound to do.  Instant classic.

1 comment:

  1. Hadn't heard this but sounds right up my alley so just snagged a copy online (a clear one too). Glad to see you posting again!