July 19, 2015

Fuck Your Life

Here's a record that is related to my previous post, as in the drummer has played in both bands: the sole LP from Boston's Blank Stare.  The band existed from the mid 2000's until about 2008/2009.  Boston straight edge that sounds like a mix between the OG Boston Crew bands and Black Flag.  This LP is beyond good.  It dropped in 2008 and I've been listening to it regularly (at least once every few weeks) since it came out.  It was pressed in the US by Third Party Records and in Europe by Refuse Records.  This copy is a tour press that includes a special cover in addition to the standard one.

For those who don't know, Ryan (the drummer for this band) also plays drums for No Tolerance.  I saw him at Damaged City Fest this last year and asked when we would see a Blank Stare reunion.  He said, 'never, because the singer isn't straight edge any more.'  That was a bit of a bummer to hear.  I mean, how can a guy that wrote a song called, "Fuck drugs, fuck you," not be straight edge any more?  Life goes on.

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