July 8, 2015

Chain Gang

Wow, it's been about 7 months since my last post on this blog.  There's really not a specific reason I haven't been keeping up with this other than, I just haven't.  Having said that I'll probably be going through some stuff I've gotten in since that post (and probably before), so sorry if you've seen all these records on everyone else's blogs already.  I figured my first post in the last 7 months should be about one of my favorite records that's been released in that time.  The specific version of the record that I'm posting about was actually released in 2014, but I believe the regular press wasn't available until early 2015.  I might be wrong on that though.

I'm talking about the self titled EP from New York's Ajax.  As I stated before this specific version is a pre-release for the record.  The vinyl was done but the covers weren't so the band made 100 covers with their logo in blue ink and sold via mailorder/at a few shows.  Great early 80's hardcore punk.  Just overall really solid songs/production on this record.  New EP due out soon on Beach Impediment.

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