June 5, 2012

Full of Hell - Roots of Earth Are Consuming My Home

After keeping up with various other record collecting blogs for the past few years, I finally decided to start one of my own.  The main reason I never started one of my own was because I'd just have to use my phone's camera for the pictures, since I don't have a digital camera.  In the end I decided I don't care if the quality of the pictures is a little lower, I'd still like to get on with this.

Since I didn't have any records arrive in the mail today, I decided my first post would be for one of my favorite LP's of 2011, Full of Hell's "Roots of Earth are Consuming My Home."  Put out by the always on point A389 Records, this band can best be described as a hardcore band with heavy grind, crust, powerviolence, and power electronics elements.  If any of the aforementioned genres turn you off, don't let them deter you.  This LP is way too good to be overlooked.  I can't think of specific bands to compare them to because I think they are very much in a league of their own.  However, I'm sure fans of Trap Them, Cursed, Integrity, etc. will all find something to like here.

As I stated before, sorry for the less than stellar photo quality.  I took them with my phone.

White vinyl from the first pressing, out of 150 copies.

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